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141 pages


Disbelief  by  Angie Hulme

Disbelief by Angie Hulme
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Oh, this is good!This is Very Good!This book was written when the author was just starting out and has been produced for Kindle with little or no changes. As such it reads like an early attempt at writing but dont let that put you off...........as I said before, this book is good!The story starts out as a love story, but just as you are getting comfortable with it...................BANG!!!!!it becomes a novel of revenge...........but then............BANG!!!!!!!!!!! gamechanger #2 and it becomes a horror novel.As much as I wasnt expecting the sudden swerves in the storyline they benefit the work well and although I couldnt put it down and It was a real page-turner are phrases often overused in book reviews in this instance they are both true and relevent.A very good early effort for Ms.

Hulme and one I will read again in the future.

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